Episode 1.3: The media is the message

Episode 1.3: The media is the message

Welcome to This Is Fine, episode 1.3, part 1: the media is the message. Thank you very much for listening, Finers. Please subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or your favorite app, and share the podcast with your fifth cousins and work spouses.

In this week’s podcast, we look at the Shorenstein Center's review of media coverage in the election, shake our heads in disbelief at the Times' need for approval and dismal new public editor, and ask if the media's coverage of Trump is newly dangerous or part of a continuum of decline in political reporting.

We'll return in two weeks with This is Fine, 1.3, part 2, where we cover fake news and the Frankfurt School.

Please send us listener questions for This is Fine, 1.4: no state solution, where we'll try to take on foreign policy in the Obama and Trump eras, and our problems with it. Have a wonderful New Year.

Studies from the Shorenstein Center discussed in this episode:

et cetera:

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