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Month: November 2016

Episode 1.1: What the fuck?! This is not fine!

Episode 1.1: What the fuck?! This is not fine!

Welcome to This Is Fine, episode 1.1: WTF? This is Not Fine! Thank you very much for listening.

In this week’s podcast, we ask:

How the fuck did that happen?  How heroic really were Wright Patman and other segregationist Democrats who fought against corporate power until the changing of the Democratic guard in the 1970s?  How did Trump make hate taste so great to so many?  And what are our views of the horrific near future and how we might combat it?

Remember: please try to not kill your relatives at Thanksgiving, and please send us reader questions for This is Fine, 1.2: argumentum ad populum, where we say populism out loud a thousand times until it becomes a meaningless collection of syllables.

Articles discussed in this episode:

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Also mentioned

  • Chuck Schumer on the suburban vote:
  • Richard Hofstadter, "The Paranoid Style in American Politics" and "What Happened to the Anti-trust Movement?"
    The second article can be found in the published version of The Paranoid Style in American Politics but does not seem to be available on the web.
  • Emily Crockett, "why misogyny won"
  • Alex MacGillis's series on Dayton, Ohio
This is Fine

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