Episode 1.2: Argumentum ad populum

Episode 1.2: Argumentum ad populum

Welcome to This Is Fine, Episode 1.2: Argumentum ad populum. Thank you very much for listening, Finers. Please subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or your favorite app, and share the podcast with your friends and frenemies.

In this week’s podcast, we share our origin story in Southern California; explore what populism is and if it can turn left (verdict: not an ambi-turner); make the case that a Nazi political theorist is not in the best position to diagnose liberalism's faults; and sketch out our visions of protest in the Trump era.

Please send us reader questions for This is Fine, 1.3: the media is the message, where we'll try to take on not only fake news and bullshit coverage, but also the way media outlets shape the meta-conversation: what is permissible to say about politics.

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