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Month: March 2017

Episode 1.8 – Any Organized Party

Episode 1.8 – Any Organized Party

Welcome to This is Fine, Episode 1.8: Any Organized Party. Thank you for listening, Finers. Please subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or your favorite app, and disseminate it at the next party congress.

In this week's podcast, we talk with writer, academic, activist, and erstwhile Twitter-opinion-haver Freddie DeBoer about the challenges of left organizing in the runup to the 2018 elections. We contemplate whether the left can usefully cooperate with the Democratic Party, ask what a more small-d-democratic platform would look like, and bemoan the broken media ecosystem.

We'll be back in two weeks to talk about a theory of how white patriarchy interacts with the labor market. In the meantime, please spread the word and send us any questions or guest suggestions. Also, don't forget to call your Senators and tell them to filibuster Neil Gorsuch.

Works referenced:
* Rick Perlstein, Before the Storm
* Salar Mohandesi, "Identity Crisis"

Episode 1.7 – How Deep is Your State?

Episode 1.7 – How Deep is Your State?

Welcome to This Is Fine, episode 1.7: How Deep Is Your State? Thank you very much for listening, Finers. Please subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or your favorite app, and share this link with your favorite subject of a FISA warrant.

In this week’s podcast, we talk Turkey, or specifically the differences between the Deep State in a country like Turkey and the law enforcement and intelligence services in the U.S., particularly their leaks about the Trump campaign's involvement with Russia.

We’ll return in two weeks with This is Fine, episode 1.8, when we'll discuss the left-liberal split and organizing in advance of 2018.

Please send us listener questions or complaints (and guest requests) for This is Fine. For those of you calling your Senators and Representatives: stop ACA repeal.

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